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Work&Travel Germany

In 2014-2015 there are about 1.5 million students, studying in Ukrainian higher educational institutions of different accreditation’s level. Thus, there is a growing demand for summer working programs abroad among these students, especially in Germany and other EU countries. Sonata Company strives for developing the best and the most popular international programs for students cultural exchange, such as Work&Travel, Au-Pair and others. Also, Sonata aims to create similar programs under the support of its local partners.

Therefore, Work&Travel is one of the most popular programs for youth and students all over the world. Its participants can legally live, work and travel over the host country for the period of up to 4 months.

This program gives students a unique possibility to get practical working experience in German company, to explore lifestyle of an unusual cultural environment, to travel over the country and to improve their conversational skills in German, as well. It also allows scholars to earn some sums of money they can use later on for travelling and studying.

Not only does Sonata provide students with proper consultations related to the programs mentioned above, but it entirely supports them at each step of the process with a full spectrum of services provided, as well, including:

  • Language level tests;
  • Program application, filling the forms and documents’ translation;
  • Agreement conclusion;
  • Transfers and ticket booking;
  • Skype interview with the employer;
  • Concluding an agreement with employer;
  • Coordination of the dates and periods.

Sonata Reisen UG consults and supports the students during their staying in Germany in case of urgent issues, disputes or misunderstanding with employer may take place. Moreover the Company tracks the students’ compliance of the German legislation, and their compulsory return to Ukraine when the program is completed.

Sonata Reisen UG cooperates only with reliable employers and possesses related federal licenses enabling to propose its clients the most profitable terms and conditions of work, as well as to support the connection with students-participants of the program during the whole period of staying in Germany.

Program’s advantages of for students:

  • Work experience in an international environment;
  • Stable income opportunity;
  • Self-dependent life experience;
  • Practicing with natives and leveling up of German and/or English;
  • Getting acquainted with the host country’s culture and history.

Any student at the age of 18 to 35 who has at least an intermediate level of German is welcome to participate in the program.

The priority fields of students’ employment are Horeca and related services, amusement parks, summer camps, agriculture and others. In consequence of the large number of vacancies, which we do expect to have at our disposal, each participant can choose a job due to his/her interests and abilities.

Average monthly salary of participants accounts about 1000 euro, which enable the student to cover program, travel and consulting expanses, as well as give an opportunity for additional earnings.

Work&Travel Germany – is a practical chance to:

- Improve professional level.

- Polish knowledge in German.

- Study in practice the way of making business in Germany.

- Join in ordinary life of new culture.

- Explore new horizons.

Criteria to the applicant.

In order to participate in the program you should meet the following requirements:

1. The age between 18 and 35 years old before the program starts.

2. You are the citizen of Ukraine and the student of university, institute, academy, conservatory, technical school or college.

3. You are supposed to continue studying after 01.09.2016 and are able to confirm in the Embassy while visa’s execution (by the Certificate from the place of studying).

4. You have to complete application form and accept all the terms and conditions of Agreement on Consulting Services Provision.

5. The level of knowledge in German should be В1.

In order to be registered you have to provide the following documents:

1) Foreign Passport - copy.

2) Certificate from the place of studying – 3 copies in German (related Application Form will be provided by the Company).

3) Certificate from the place of studying in Ukrainian in order to prove you are the student and are going to continue studying in your institution after the program is completed.

4) Signed Agreement on Cooperation.

5) Photos 3,5*4 (2 photos).

6) Video presentation about yourself and your motivation in German placed at (duration 1 – 2 min.).