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Experten Sonata Reisen UG

The field of tourism in Germany keeps on developing in rapid growth rates. Nowadays, Germany is the third EU country in quantity of foreign tourists. Thus, the number of Ukrainian tourists who wish to visit Germany continuously increases. There are a lot reasons for such tendency – Germany possesses the richest history and thousands of unique cultural sights, famous local traditional holidays, great landscapes and hospitable cheerful people, who are always glad to host the guests.

Therefore, Germany is one of the key priority directions of Sonata’s development, locally represented by Sonata Reisen UG.

Sonata Reisen UG tourism field includes the following services:

- Organization of individual and group tour to Germany and over Germany.

- Consulting upon visa issues, work of Embassies and Consulates, transfers and border crossing.

- Excursions.

- Booking of hotels, air, railway and bus tickets.

- Execution of entry documents.

- Execution of insurance.

- Corporate services.