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85049 Ingolstadt, Deutschland
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For Partners

Sonata Reisen UG puts the highest task in front, always staying opened for proposals and cooperation. Sonata takes care its reputation as a honest and reliable Company which keeps on developing and meets the most strict demands of clients and partners.

In the framework of acting German programs (particularly Work&Travel Germany), Sonata is in continuous search of new possibilities for business partnership and establishment of mutually beneficial long-term relations. Growing number of our clients and their trust proves not only the fact of the right ways undertaken in this direction, but it depicts popularity and demand for such services and products among Ukrainian youth and students proving its expedient and current importance, as well.

Therefore, Sonata Reisen UG invites German companies cooperate in the field of available vacancies, internship and trainee to be provided to Ukrainian applicants (youth and students) on the territory of Germany. Applicants can be employed during summer holidays and/or in the framework of fixed contact basis. Sonata guarantees clear organizational and preparation system according to present program: language test, interview, legal and documental advice, guidelines for students for interview to be held in German Embassy in Ukraine, visa support, transfer to Germany and back, tracking etc.