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85049 Ingolstadt, Deutschland
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About Company

Sonata Company – is a multiproduct Company, which has been working in Ukrainian tourism market and related services since 2002. There are more than 40 Sonata Offices all over Ukraine which successfully work in the Company’s structure giving opportunity to dynamic development and to be competitive.

Sonata has tour operating license, as well as license to fulfill intermediary activities in employment abroad, enabling us to create and implement original tour programs to 21 counties and cover 5 the most relevant directions in the employment, as well as to advice our clients with the following services:

  • Selling tours to almost every country in the world;
  • Design and organization of unique tour programs;
  • Air, railway and bus transportation;
  • Visa support;
  • Consulting services, issuing the documents needed for going abroad;
  • Related services, such as insurance and TravelSim;
  • Education abroad and student exchange programs;
  • Special offers for corporate services etc.


The Company is an official member of international organizations such as IATA, CLIA, ASTA and Cruising Association. It successfully collaborates in the framework of joint contracts with all the international air companies represented in Ukraine. Therefore, Sonata possesses an opportunity to advise its clients and partners with optimal variants of air transportation under the most convenient conditions and comfortable rates. In 2009 the Company created and launched the project –one of the first internet resources in Ukraine, dedicated to employment, internship and trainee abroad.

Nowadays, Sonata cooperates with 200 leading institutions for high education and other related profile organizations of Ukraine. During 2014 – 2015 more than 1450 Ukrainian students took advantages of the Company’s services in order to obtain an invaluable practical work and language experience in Germany, USA, Poland and China.

Also, the Company publishes its own magazine “Sonata Review” each quarter.

Sonata Reisen UG

Sonata Reisen UG was opened in 2015 in Germany in order to provide the clients with high quality tourism services and services related to employment, education, internship, trainee and cultural programs in Germany.

The Mission of Sonata is to make the dreams of each client come true, undertaking its best and every efforts in order to develop tourism field in Germany and Ukraine at highest international standards.

Sonata’s successful activity at tourism market and HR industry is followed by its strong will to develop and grow. We aim at consolidate reliable and mutually beneficial relations with all our clients and partners in each business aspects.

The principles of Sonata Reisen UG are most of all directed at maximum efficient usage of available resources in order to provide our clients and partners with high quality services. In the circle of Company’s ideology always lies the client and his or her wishes.

Sonata’s strategy is to become a reliable partner for each client implementing his opportunities, potential and ideas.

Nowadays Sonata Reisen UG together with its German partners proposes a wide variety of services and tours over the country.

Opening Sonata Reisen UG in Germany is a logical step in the framework development strategy of the Company and is new milestone in the field of education and employment abroad. Such unique programs of cultural exchange for students and youth as Au-Pair Germany и Work&Travel became closer and more available, while the service itself becomes more convenient, qualitative and prompt for the client.

Therefore, following the way towards the most valuable working experience and study abroad, our clients can be supported not only by Ukrainian Head Office, but directly by Sonata Reisen UG in Germany, as well.